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Anba Isaac Bishop of Bahnasa and Beni Suef
[1881-1883] AD

He is the first bishop was ordinated for Beni suef Governorate after Separating from Fayoum. His Diocese was Contained beni suef Governorate, four districts from Minia covernorate: [Maghagha, Eladwa, Beni Mazar & Matai] and some areas from Samalute district.
He was a monk in the Monastery of Holy virgin Mary, Al-Muharraq by the name of Henness. When the High Priest Abd Elmessih Elmasoudy lef this Monastery in [1573 A.M.]1857 A.D. father Henness went with him and dwells Elbaramous Monastery till PoPe Cyril V, the 112nd Patriarch, ordinated him to Bahnasa and Beni suef in Abeeb 1597 A.M., July 1881 A.D., by the name of Bishop Isaac with Anba Ibram, the late, the Bishop of Fayoum in the same day.  This Bishop Was pure, righteous, good natured, generous and Kind. He lived no longer except one year and nine Months. He died on Monday, 9 April 1883, [2 Baramoda 1599 A.m.].

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Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite. (Psa. 147: 5)

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God’s care is much more clear than the sun and its rays. Everywhere, in the wilderness and the inhabited cities, on earth and in the sea.... wherever you go, you will hear a testimony of that exalted care (St. John Chrysostom)