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His Grace Bishop Ghabrial

Bishop of Beni Suef Diocese

+ He was born on 12-31-1963 in Mallawy City, Minya, Egypt.

+ His birth name is Tariq Awni  Aziz.

+ He had got Bachelor of Engineering - Assiut University in 1987.

+ He joined the Monastery of the Virgin Mary (Muharraq) on July 29,1990.

+ He ordained as a monk in the name of the monk-Ruis on January 17,1992.

+ He has received the grace of the priesthood on June 10,1997.

+ He has his ordination as general bishop on June 15,1997.

+ He began his ministry in Beni Suef & Bahnasa Diocese on July 24,1997 for a period of three days a week in addition to his service in the Secretary of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III.

+ He has his ordination as bishop of Beni Suef on June 3, 2001 A.D. , 26 Bashans 1717 A.M..

+ He was enthroned on a chair of Beni Suef on Sunday July 29, 2001 in the presence of 39 of metropolitans and bishops under the chairmanship of His Grace Bishop Sarabamoun bishop and abbot of the monastery of Saint Bishoy, in the presence of His Grace Bishop Sawiris bishop and abbot of the monastery of the Virgin Mary (Muharraq) and His Grace Bishop Youannes, General Bishop and Secretary of His Holiness the Pope as a delegate for him.

The Verse of the Day

Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite. (Psa. 147: 5)

Usefulness Word

God’s care is much more clear than the sun and its rays. Everywhere, in the wilderness and the inhabited cities, on earth and in the sea.... wherever you go, you will hear a testimony of that exalted care (St. John Chrysostom)