+ The Province of Beni Suef was divided into two Episcopal  Chairs: the Chair of Dalas which is one of the villages of Nasser district, and the Chair of Ehnas, that is known today as Ehnasia city which is far 17 km from  the Beni Suef city west.

     + With the early of the 18 th century AD,  The current province of Beni Suef with El-Edwa, Maghagha, Beni Mazar and Matai Districts and some villages of Samalot of the current Minya Province administratively comprise together The Bahnasa state and ecclesiastical one diocese denominated Bahnasa Chair.

     + In 1830, Mohamed Ali Pasha, the great change the name of the state Bahnasa name and the name remained Continuing ecclesiastical with name of Bahnasa and Beni Suefe Chair. It is well established that the Chair of Beni Suef city began in this city only from July 1881 to this day.

     + In the pontificate of Pope Youannes XVI,the 103th Pope (1676-1718). Fayoum and Giza were included with the chair of Beni Suef and Bahnasa. Fayoum and Giza were remained in the care of the Bishop of the Beni Suef Chair for a period of 200 years untill 1881 AD, where the Pope Cyril V, the 112nd Pope separated Fayoum and Giza from Beni Suef Chair. And His Holiness has ordained bishop on Beni Suef and Bahnasa and bishop on Fayoum and Giza.